‘Path to Everest’ is now available for downloading online worldwide

10 December 2018
‘Path to Everest’ is now available for downloading online worldwide

After opening to theatres in Spain last March, selling out all 3,000 tickets available for its premieres in less than 24 hours, screening in over 70 Spanish cities to 27,000 viewers and ranking among the 40 most viewed films of 2018, Path to Everest is now available for downloading online anywhere in the world on https://everest.summitsofmylife.com/eng. “I feel very happy to be able to share the film and the end of the Summits of My Life project with everyone who sees it and I hope to continue sharing challenges with them”, explains Kilian Jornet. The film is available for downloading in Catalan, Spanish, English and French for a list price of 11 dollars.

Path to Everest follows the path that led Kilian Jornet to the highest peak in the world and also showing his most intimate side, with his fears, his contradictions and his excitement to continue looking for new challenges that allow him to keep dreaming, surrounded by mountains and those who inspire him. Kilian Jornet is the star of ‘Path to Everest’, which also features testimonies from mountain climbers like Reinhold Messner, Jordi Canals, Jordi Tosas and Peter Habeler, as well as key individuals close to Jornet, such as Emelie Forsberg, Bruno Brunod and Sébastian Montaz-Rosset. The documentary also reviews the history of the expeditions that have tried to conquest Mount Everest since the early 20th century. Path to Everest is the fourth film by Kilian Jornet after A Fine Line, Déjame Vivir and Langtang.

In addition to being available for downloading online worldwide, Path to Everest has been selected to form part of the Montagne en Scène festival and has already been screened in over 40 cities in Europe. During the weeks of December, it will travel to Copenhagen, Brussels, Turin, Freiburg, Geneva, Rome and Paris.

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