Kilian Jornet's atypical autumn

19 November 2018
Kilian Jornet's atypical autumn

It’s been an intense and unusual autumn for Kilian Jornet after a season which has had a bit of everything from injuries to races abandoned, records, victories and challenges. After a few days relaxing in the Himalayas, Jornet undertook a promotional tour of  China, Thailand, the United States, France, the UK and Italy. “I’m really pleased to have been able to tell people in various places about our sport and mountain culture and I’m very grateful for the welcome I have received,”  said Jornet.

After screening in Spain last March in more than 70 cities and becoming one of the most viewed films of 2018, now Path to Everest is to premiere internationally and in November and December will screen in 11 countries as part of the Montagne en Scène festival.

Res és impossible, Kilian Jornet’s fourth book

We shouldn’t believe things are impossible, we have to dream and test ourselves to see how far we can go,” is how Kilian Jornet summed up Res és impossible (Nothing is impossible), his new book.

Training, the challenges of high mountains, the hundreds of races and those who have accompanied him on the journey, in Res és impossible, Jornet shares his thoughts and reflections on the experience he has accumulated during years in the mountains: the risks, the physical limits and the desire to go one step beyond. He gives a mature, honest, sincere and vivid account of climbing Everest and the more than 500 mountain skiing and trail running races he has competed in.

There is also a part of the book dedicated to those he calls “fellow dreamers” who have accompanied him on his adventures such as Simón Elías, Ueli Steck, Stéphane Brosse and Vivian Bruchez, among others.

Res és impossible is published by Ara Llibres in Catalan (Res és impossible) and Spanish (Nada es imposible) and is his fourth book, following the publication of Córrer o morir (Run or die), La frontera invisible (The invisible border) and Summits of My Life: somnis i reptes a la muntanya (Summits of My Life: daring adventures on the world’s greatest peaks).

The latter covers the Summits of My Life project and was published a year ago in Catalan and Spanish and is now available in EnglishItalianFrench and Norwegian.

Kilian Jornet is heading back to Norway to get in some skiing in readiness for the winter season although he hasn’t yet said in which events he plans to compete.

10 December 2018

‘Path to Everest’ is now available for downloading online worldwide

20 October 2018

Kilian Jornet, third in the general of the Golden Trail Series