Kilian trained from the day he was born. Discover how his workouts are and how he got here.


Know yourself and feel your body


Analyse all the trainings


Create a base and enjoy every training 


Work beyond the physical aspects


Get used to pain


Adjust the training to conditions


Explore your body in every limit in safety 


Trail and fail unitl it works


Make goals


7 days a week

1200 hours a year

Outdoors self training 

Endurance, strength and altitude training


- 88% of the time at intensity Z1 - Z3. In Z1 before and after the races, 30 or 40 minutes as a recovery. In Z2 long workouts of 3 to 10 hours to create volume. In Z3 during the racing period, long repetitions or some few hours sessions.

- 10% of the time at high intensity (Z4 - Z5). In Z4 specific workouts with intense intervals and repetitions. In Z5 workouts of a few seconds and many repetitions. Only about 10 times per season and during the competitions (about 30-35 days of competition per year)

- 2% of the time at maximum intensity (Z6 -Z7).


- I don't do much strength training. I usually do in specific, climbing or doing mountaineering activities, or exercises outside combining strength and cardio. Indoor I can do some 20 minutes of core/stabilization + 30 minutes of strength, upper and lower body. 


- I do a big part of my training in altitude, from 300 to 465 hours in altitude, to more than 2000m, representing 33-40% of the total annual training volume, about 200-250 of the hours exceed 4000m.

Download the Training Plan

Follow Kilian's trainings from his Suunto

Work on non physical aspects

Technical training

- Execute the movements in the fastest and most efficient way possible

- Work and know the biomechanics of our movement

- Specific exercises and repetition and automation of technical movements

- Movement visualization

Preparation and strategy

- Know how to do the movements and exercises in different conditions

- Test all equipment and take into account all aspects before the race

- Establish a plan for the day of the race: nutrition, rhythms, equipment, transitions...

Conditions and limits of your body

- Perform some training experiments in more extreme conditions, with a good base, after 5 - 6 years of good training and before the objective. Try without food, without hydration, high intensity in altitude, acclimatization, climbing skills... always controlled and in safety zones.