About Fast & Light style

11 May 2020
About Fast & Light style

What is Fast & Light style? Some quotes from people who follow it...

“To go light makes it possible to move faster and to move faster allows us to go further and to do or see more in one day, it’s like a meditation for me”
Andreas Steindl

“Fast and light style means freedom, freedom of movement in the mountains”
David Goettler

 “Is the fastest, easiest and freest way to move in the mountains. It’s like being a wild animal and feeling a big connection to nature”
Jordi Tosas

  “F&L is going up and down the mountain, 100% reliant on (nearly) continuous movement for survival, security and success”
Steve House

 "L'objectiu no és subjugar la muntanya, sinó admirar-la i respectar-la. Enlloc de baixar la muntanyar al teu nivell, aspires a assolir el nivell de la muntanya. Quin valor te "conquerir" una cosa que no respectes?"
Dakota Jones

Some little interviews to people who inspire me about F&L...

Andreas Steindl, mountain climber, ski mountaineer and mountain guide.  

David Goettler, alpinist and mountain guide. 

Jordi Tosas, alpinist and mountain guide. 

Steve House, professional climber and a mountain guide.

Dakota Jones, trail runner and climber.

Important names and history

Paul Preuß 
Henri Bulle
Albert F. Mummery 
Lionel Terray
Reinhold Messner
Jean Marc Boivin
Cristophe Profit
Mark Twight
Marino Giacometti
Erhard Loretan 
Dean Potter
Ueli Steck

Read more about the history of this style in this link!

Some books to know more about the style

Di roccia e di ghiaccio / Enrico Camanni
Alpinisme et compétition/ Pierre Allan
Paul Preuss, the lord of the abyss / David Smart
Night naked / Erhard Loretan
Skyrunner / Bruno Brunod
Les prisonniers de l’inutile / Toni Bernos
My life in climbing / Ueli Steck
Speed / Ueli Steck
Kiss or kill / Mark Twight








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