"Inside Kilian" is available worldwide

06 avril 2020
"Inside Kilian" is available worldwide

After being launched in Europe together with Rakuten TV,  now "Inside Kilian Jornet" documentary is available worlwide.

Inside Kilian, a behind the scenes film, shows Jornet out of his usual environment and follows the athlete’s world tour last year. It also looks at an unusual year in the life of Kilian Jornet, who suffered two injuries and managed to complete some sports projects he had had in mind for a long time, in addition to receiving great news: his future fatherhood.

Inside Kilian’ is a documentary unlike those we have made until now, since we go beyond the mountain to give some idea of what we do as elite athletes. It also reviews a year that was very special for me, with good and bad times”, Kilian Jornet explained

The documentary is produced by Lymbus, whose other films include Path to Everest and Summits of My Life movies, that have been watched by more than 2 million people worldwide


Inside Kilian Jornet from Summits of My Life on Vimeo.

18 April 2020

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