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18 avril 2020
Club de lecture - sport & livres de montagne

Once a Runner

The undisputed classic of running novels and one of the most beloved sports books ever published, Once a Runner tells the story of an athlete's dreams amid the turmoil of the 60s and the Vietnam war.

Inspired by the author's experience as a collegiate champion, the novel follows Quenton Cassidy, a competitive runner at fictional Southeastern University whose lifelong dream is to run a four-minute mile. He is less than a second away when the turmoil of the Vietnam War era intrudes into the staid recesses of his school's athletic department. After he becomes involved in an athletes' protest, Cassidy is suspended from his track team. Under the tutelage of his friend and mentor, Bruce Denton, a graduate student and former Olympic gold medalist, Cassidy gives up his scholarship, his girlfriend, and possibly his future to withdraw to a monastic retreat in the countryside and begin training for the race of his life against the greatest miler in history.

A rare insider's account of the incredibly intense lives of elite distance runners, Once a Runner is an inspiring, funny, and spot-on tale of one individual's quest to become a champion.




Push! La vie au bout des mains

L’incroyable histoire de Tommy Caldwell qui, avant de devenir l’un des meilleurs grimpeurs du monde, a dû faire un jour ce choix : mourir ou tuer.

C’est l’histoire d’un enfant de trois ans qui découvre l’escalade avec son père et décide de ne plus jamais s’arrêter.

C’est l’histoire de quatre jeunes grimpeurs partis découvrir les falaises du Kirghizistan. Pris en otage par des rebelles armés, le groupe doit son salut au courage de Tommy Caldwell qui pousse un de leurs ravisseurs du haut d'une falaise… Mourir ou tuer, il a fallu choisir.

C’est l’histoire d’un homme qui se bat pour sauver une histoire d’amour à bout de souffle.

C’est l’histoire d’un grimpeur exceptionnel qui, alors qu’il a perdu accidentellement un doigt, réussit l’ascension de la grande voie la plus extrême du monde après sept années de tentatives infructueuses : le Dawn Wall, dans le Yosemite, près de 1 000 mètres d’un granit raide et lisse. Tommy Caldwell et son comparse Kevin Jogerson livrent un combat titanesque de 19 jours sous les jumelles et téléobjectifs des médias du monde entier. Leur exploit, raconté sous la forme d’un feuilleton en une du New York Times, passionne les Américains au point de détrôner le Super Bowl.



Les conquérants de l'inutile 

This biography of Lionel Terry is filled with first-time feats and acts of bravery in the face of unspeakable odds. He climbed with legends such as Maurice Herzog, Gaston Rebuffat, and Louis Lachenal. He made first ascents in the Alps, Alaska, the Andes, and the Himalaya. Terray's gripping story captures the energy of an optimistic world shaking off the restraints of war and austerity. It's a mountaineering classic.



The Tower: A Chronicle of Climbing and Controversy on Cerro Torre

Patagonia's Cerro Torre, considered by many the most beautiful peak in the world, draws the finest and most devoted technical alpinists to its climbing challenges. But controversy has swirled around this ice-capped peak since Cesare Maestri claimed first ascent in 1959. Since then a debate has raged, with world-class climbers attempting to retrace his route but finding only contradictions. This chronicle of hubris, heroism, controversies and epic journeys offers a glimpse into the human condition, and why some pursue extreme endeavors that at face value have no worth.



06 April 2020

"Inside Kilian" is available worldwide