01 June 2018

Last week I was visiting the Auvergne volcanic region to announce my collaboration with the Volvic natural mineral water brand as a global ambassador. To be truly sincere, at the beginning I had doubts about the brand environmental concerns, so I asked that to them, and actually it is very interesting.

I was very positively surprised by the concerns and commitments they have in those subjects, and not only in terms of vision and marketing but in real, concrete actions and short-term objectives. Not only environmental commitments but also health ones encouraging consumers to adopt healthier drinking habits.

From an environmental perspective, Volvic is every day committed to operate in a sustainable way and works on various initiatives to reduce its bottles impact with key milestones crossed over the past years like 100% recyclable bottles since 1992 or one of the first natural mineral water brands in France to introduce recycled plastic (rPET) in its bottle composition in 2008.

The initiatives to protect the ecosystem and the Volvic impluvium/catchment area in cooperation with local farmers and villages around were also really impressive! And what is even more remarkable is that this philosophy is shared by many people in the company.

It is cool to see a CEO of one the biggest food & beverage company in the world having very high objectives and vision about the direction and place of companies about environmental, social and health impact.

I believe that we should more and more buy responsibly and that we need to move to better food and hydration habits, with more quality and less environmental impact, and I’m happy to help support this vision with Volvic internally and externally and promote it.

Change is difficult and takes time, and the bigger you are, the more difficult and the more time you need, but is also the ones who have a real power to drive step changes over the long term. So for all of that reasons, I’m proud to become Volvic’s ambassador and start working with them on more projects on this direction.

09 April 2018

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