Summits of my life conmemorates the first anniversary of the nepal earthquake

18 April 2016
Summits of my life conmemorates the first anniversary of the nepal earthquake

April 25 marks the first anniversary of the terrible earthquake that rocked Nepal in 2015. To commemorate this sad event, Summits of My Life is initiating the campaign #SOSNepal to raise the funds needed to complete the charitable project that was begun in December to coincide with the premiere of “Langtang”, the project’s third section.

To achieve this Summits of My Life is holding fund-raising screenings of the film around the world. People from countries as disparate as the United States, Spain, Japan and Qatar can enjoy the film while making a charitable donation. All money raised goes towards the Summits of My Life charitable project.

The project, launched by Summits of My Life and the NGO SOS Himalaya, is raising funds to help rebuild 116 houses in Langtang. The earthquake that struck in April 2015 created havoc in this valley in the country’s northeast. The village of Langtang was completely buried and the few survivors were left homeless. The Langtang valley inhabitants have organised a committee to coordinate international donations and to invest the money in rebuilding the valley.

Kilian Jornet said: “I believe it’s essential that we come to the aid of the people of Nepal. We have always enjoyed their kindness and hospitality and now they are the ones who, a year after the earthquake, are in difficulty. Help must continue to arrive and it’s important to do our part to make sure that people can get their houses back.”

Over the next few weeks the goal is to raise the money needed to complete the project, of which 50% has been raised so far. Donations can be made via the Summits of My Life website.

To find out where “Langtang” is being screened go to Summits of My Life ( for up-to-date information.

13 April 2016

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