Succesful presentation of d??jame vivir in barcelona

20 May 2014
Succesful presentation  of d??jame vivir in barcelona

More than 1,500 people filled the Palau de la Música Catalana in the presentation of the second film of athlete Kilian Jornet.


La película, que narra las aventuras vividas en el Mont Blanc, el Elbrús y el Cervino, es parte del proyecto Summits of My Life del atleta


"I'm overjoyed to see that people have enjoyed the film as much as we did making it, conceiving it ... This second film is much more than a film. Déjame Vivir (Let me Live) shows our approach to the mountains and is also a call to everyone to pursue and fight for their dreams", Kilian said

Kilian Jornet presented Déjame Vivir (Let me Live) last night in Barcelona, the second film of his sporting project Summits of My Life. The presentation, held at the Palau de la Múcica, gathered over 1,500 people who did not want to miss the first public presentation of the film.

At half past ten, dozens of people began to occupy the seats of the Palau de la Música concert hall while the soundtrack of the film could be heard as background music. At 22 pm, the lights went out and journalist Xavi Coral came on stage to present the event.

After a brief introduction, Kilian Jornet appeared on scene and outlined the essence of the project: a series of sporting challenges on legendary mountains around the world, carried out without assistance and with the minimum material possible in the company of friends and grounded on inspiring values. The first part of the event, precisely, revolved around values, as it was a thoughtful conversation about the values underlying Jornet’s personality. Among them, and to talk about creativity and love for the mountain, musician and composer Gerard Quintana intervened and stated that "we both like to get away from the world to be with our own selves, but somehow keeping in touch with society. Music is to me what mountains are to Kilian, something that comes from deep inside." After Quintana, entrepreneur Paul Garcia Milan took over to talk about dreams and the need to set new challenges: "Our generation is one that is not afraid to fail. We prefer to enjoy the way and do it without the fear of failure, which is not so serious if it happens to be, because failure can eventually be overcome.”

The moment film director Seb Montaz came on stage, a video showed the system he had devised to shoot Jornet in his records. Then, the talk turned to be about the visual part of the project. Montaz explained "the only way to follow and film Kilian is on skis, especially during descents. Skiing alongside him allows us to capture movement and speed, and it is also important that we reach places at the same time, so that every single moment can be recorded." The last to come on stage was Kilian Jornet’s childhood hero Bruno Brunod, pioneer in sky running and former holder of the Matterhorn record. Jornet and Brunod talked about fulfilling dreams, whatever nature they may be, and Bruno stated: "I was glad to have shared the record of the Matterhorn with Kilian because he's a great athlete. At the end of the day, we must all do what we enjoy doing, and that's what’s the most important."

After that, viewers enjoyed the thrilling 62- minute-long film Déjame Vivir (Let me Live) on a giant screen located on the stage, which revealed the three record attempts on Mont Blanc, Mount Elbrus and the Matterhorn in 2013. The applause echoed in the concert hall when the culmination of the dream of the Matterhorn was shown and Jornet, Montaz and Brunod came back on stage to thank the entire audience.

After a standing ovation, the event came to an end with Jornet’s words: "I'm overjoyed to see that people have enjoyed the film as much as we did making it, conceiving it ... This second film is much more than a film. Déjame Vivir (Let me Live) shows our approach to the mountains and is also a call to everyone to pursue and fight for their dreams."

This was also the world premiere of the film, which will have other screenings throughout the year. The first one will be 2nd and 3rd August in the Aosta Valley, where much of the action in Déjame Vivir (Let me Live) takes place. Meanwhile, however, we should keep an eye on Jornet and his team, as they will be embarking on a new challenge of the Summits of My Life in the coming weeks. This time it will be the turn of Mount McKinley, in Alaska.

Picture: Guillem Casanova

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