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My carbon footprint 2015

31 December 2015
My carbon footprint 2015

Here is my Carbon footprint of 2015: 5,550 tonnes. From those, 4 were from traveling. 

In France, where I live, the average consummation is 6,2 tonnes. On industrial countries is 11 tonnes.  The average worldwide is 4 tonnes.  The individual goal to fight climate change is 2.000 tonnes.  (Here you can calculate yours: )

I have the chance to be out (almost) every day, to enjoy the beauty of the nature. I’m not this old but I have seen with my eyes year after year how the glaciers retreat. I live in one of the mountain most scenic places in the world, Chamonix, where during anticyclone periods they recommend to don’t do intense activities or to let the kids play outside down in the valley because the high pollution. We live in a world where we are 7,3 billion of humans to share. And we have only one planet. Is from ours, who have the chance to live on a develop country and we have accessibility to many things to take conscience of this, to think when we go to the supermarket, when we travel, when we do activities, and to change the direction of this curb. I don’t do good, but I try to think when I do:

From the food point, I don’t eat meat often, (I’m not a big fan of meat taste, maybe I eat some chicken one time a month), I don’t drink milk (but I really love cheese) I try to eat fruits and vegetables as local as possible and from the season. Emelie has a garden where we can grow many vegetables for us during summer. Pick berries is better than buy-it, and for winter to froze this vegetables from summer.

On home, we try to have not a lot of warming, during winter, just put 2 or 3 woods to warm the home after training, and if it’s a bit cold, just take a warmer jacket. And try to use as less as possible home appliances.

For my work (racing-developing gear) I try to live on a “centric” place. I have been living around Chamonix for the last years, most part of ski mountaineering races are on a radius of 4h driving. On summer races are more worldwide, so is allways 1 or 2 transoceanic fly and other races I try to travel by car. When racing in Europe and traveling with my van I sleep on the van-car.  When traveling a lot is a part of my job I try to do as much things I can do on the way; as going for a race, shop, visit sponsors, do conferences, have interviews… and don’t need to do twice.

I use/have a lot of clothes and equipment for running and skiing. I try to use what I need and give the ones I don’t really use.  Working with my sponsors we try to make the most part of the prototypes in local.

Another part that is not directly to my footprint but connect to mine is the many interviews I do. We are in 2015 and we can do live streams of races, we can share information via social medias and I do many of my meetings via videoconference. Many journalists insist to come personally, with a photographer. Sometimes coming from another continent. I try to insist on doing as much Interviews via Skype and take local photographers to decrease this footprint connected to me.

My goal for next year is to decrease this footprint. Trying to travel less, to use more local productions and ecologic materials on the gear I develop and use, trying to eat more form our home and trying to share the importance of this footprint to the people that is connect on some way to my activity. 

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