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Kilian Jornet returns to competition after the injury

20 June 2018
Kilian Jornet returns to competition after the injury

Kilian Jornet will once again don a race number in the Mont Blanc Marathon on July 1, three months after fracturing his fibula in the Pierra Menta.

Over the past few weeks Jornet has felt good running and this first race of the season over 42km and 2,780m of overall ascent is part of the Golden Trail Series. It will be a test of how well his leg has recovered and, depending on its progress,  from then on he will decide whether to take part in more races.

If all goes well, and always taking a prudent approach, Jornet intends to start out with shorter distances such as the Skyrace Comapedrosa (21km), the Sierre Zinal (31km) and the Trofeo KIMA (52km), finishing with the Salomon Ring of Steall Skyrace (28km) in September. Depending on his recovery, he then intends to run a long-distance race such as the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail.

“After Mont Blanc and, depending on how my leg reacts, I’d like to take part in the Golden Trail Series, with the Sierre Zinal and Ring of Steall, and also some Skyrunning races such as Comapedrosa, the Trofeo KIMA and the Limone. Eventually, if the recovery goes well and I can run further, I’d like to do an ultra such as the UTMB at the end of the season,”  said Jornet.

On the occasion of the Golden Trail Series Kilian Jornet offers advice on a series of videos to face each of the races. On this occasion he gives some tips to all those who participate in the Marathon du Mont-Blanc, as he did in the case of Zegama. All the videos can be seen in this link.

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