Kilian Jornet injures his fibula in the Pierra Menta

09 April 2018
Kilian Jornet injures his fibula in the Pierra Menta

Last Saturday Kilian Jornet fell during the Pierra Menta, a mountain ski race which was held in Areches Beaufort, in the French Alps. During the last descent Jornet was in the lead along with his teammate, the Austrian Jakob Hermann, when he fell heavily.  When he stood up he felt a sharp pain in his left leg and foot, in spite of which he tried to finish the stage. However, the pain prevented him from going on and on the next ascent, aware that he might have a serious injury, he abandoned the race and asked for help. The event’s rescue teams took him to the medical centre at Beaufort. There tests showed that he had a broken fibula and his leg was immobilised.

To determine the seriousness of the injury Jornet had a scan in Annecy (France). The results showed that, as well as breaking the fibula, he had a Grade I-II sprain of the front fibular ligament (LPAA). Jornet will not require surgery but will have to rest the immobilised leg for several weeks. After two weeks he can begin passive physiotherapy using hydro and magnetic therapy before moving on to more active therapy. The total recovery period is expected to last 3 months.

After the medical examination the diagnosis was confirmed and Dani Brotons, Kilian Jornet’s personal physician, announced: “Kilian has a spiral fracture in the middle third of the fibula, not displaced, as well as a Grade I-II sprain of the front fibular ligament (LPAA). We saw no need for surgery and have completely immobilised the leg. We estimate the fracture will take 2 months to heal and the sprain about 3 weeks. We will continue with weekly tests to ensure the fracture is not displaced.”   

Jornet was relaxed about the injury and said: “I fell near the end of the  Pierra Menta and I knew right away that it was bad. I’d like to thank everyone at Pierra Menta for their support – safety and medical personnel, skiing staff from Areches Beaufort and the volunteers who helped me. Accidents like this happen and now all I have to do is concentrate on making a good recovery so I can start thinking of new challenges!” 

For now, Jornet will miss the final races of the mountain ski season in which he planned to compete and will return to Norway to begin the process of rehabilitation. He will focus on his recovery before thinking about challenges for the summer season.

11 March 2018

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