3 years ago Kilian Jornet completed his double ascent to Everest

26 May 2020
3 years ago Kilian Jornet completed his double ascent to Everest

3 years ago Kilian Jornet completed his double ascent to Everest in one week, without oxygen or assistance. That is why, throughout the month of May, Jornet's digital channels have recalled the athlete's experience on the roof of the world with images and special activities included under the name #MaytoEverest.

Jornet completed his double ascent on May 27, 2017. Thus, this week, the athlete from Cerdanya will share a virtual meeting with 10 of his followers. Through his social networks, the draw “A Zoom call with Kilian Jornet” has been launched. Among all those who participate by registering in this form, 10 winners will be defined and on Friday, May 29 at 7:00 p.m. (CEST) they will share an exclusive 40’ talk about Everest with the athlete through Zoom.

Throughout the month, on the Jornet channels, his experience on Everest has been remembered, sharing each week different details and lessons from his challenge in the highest mountain in the world and the Summits of My Life project. #MaytoEverest started with a video-parody in which he recreated from home his ascent to the different peaks of his life, including Everest. Shortly after, details were shared about the style that always follows in his expeditions: the 'Fast & Light', with thoughts from other athletes who have inspired Jornet such as François Cazzanelli, Jordi Tosas, David Goettler, Steve House, Andreas Steindl and Dakota Jones.

During the second week of May, the gear used by Jornet on Everest and other challenges of the Summits of My Life project was detailed; while in the third week, on his digital channels, three moments were explained that have helped him become aware of how to reduce his footprint on his expeditions.

Jornet's experience on Everest was captured in the movie Path to Everest.

11 June 2020

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