A quiet autumn

20 octobre 2017
A quiet autumn

Kilian Jornet was in the operating theatre today where he had an reinsertion of the glenoid labrum on both shoulders. This should resolve the problem of the various injuries Jornet has suffered going back several years after he dislocated both shoulders in a skiing accident. Since then he has suffered several dislocations and partial dislocations which have caused pain and made his sporting activities more difficult. The most recent was in July when he dislocated his left shoulder during the Hardrock 100, an ultra-distance race in the United States.  
Jornet decided to undergo surgery on both shoulders in order fix the problem. As he explained: “Some years ago I dislocated both shoulders in a skiing accident and since then I’ve suffered some dislocations and a lot of partial dislocations which cause problems in my sporting activities and I decided now is the time to operate in order to avoid further problems. I decided to do it now because it’s autumn when there are fewer competitions.”  
The operation was carried out successfully at the Teknon clinic in Barcelona by doctors Josep Maria Buló and Dr Jaume Vilaró, in presence of Dani Brotons, personal doctor of Kilian Jornet. After the surgery, Kilian will need need 5 to 6 months to make a 100% recovery, having first spent 3-5 weeks with his shoulders completely immobilised.
As a result Jornet has decided to postpone the Bob Graham Round, the next event he had planned this season. “I’m going to have a quiet autumn. I want to make a good recovery from both the operation and a very intense spring and summer, which included climbing Everest and several races around the world. I haven’t had more than a week off at a time since 2006 so my body will appreciate the break,” he said.  
For now, Jornet is focused on recovering from the operation before thinking about new challenges. He said: “Once I’m back to 100% I’ll decide on a plan for winter. Right now I’m just thinking about recovering and getting back to training.” 

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