Kilian Jornet

I define myself as a lover of mountains. I like competing, as it is a way to meet friends and to self-improve. But, above all, I conceive sport as a way to discover landscapes both inside and outside you. I love silence and solitude, but communication, listening, reading, writing and travelling also appeal to me. I'm (semi) nomadic, and live somewhere between Chamonix, Tromsø, and the Pyrenees. My life is spent pursuing and fighting for my dreams.


Weight: 58-59kg
Height: 171cm
FC max: 205
FC rest: 34
VO2 max: 85-90 ml / min / kg
Fat: 8%
Lung capacity: 5.3 liters
Hours of sleep: 8h

2008. World Record in the UTMB

With 20 years I won the UTMB: 20h for 170km

2010. Transpirenaica: 800km in 8 days

Epic crossing of the Pyrenées from east to west

2010. Speed record in Kilimanjaro

We surmount Africa's highest peak (5900m): 37km in 5h23

2009. 38h running in the Tahoe Rim Trail

In a 265,5km track I ran for 28h in a row. I only slept 1 hour!

2013. Summits of my Life project

A dream come true: the ascent and descent of both the Matterhorn and the Mont Blanc

2014. Hat trick Skyrunning World Cup

World Cup Champion in Skyrunning, Ultrarunning and Vertical Kilometer

Early life

Mountains and nature have been a part of me since I was born. I grew up in a mountain refuge at 2,000 meters (Cap de Rec in Cerdanya), where I used to do mountain and snow sports with my family. From a very early age, as if it was a game, my love for the mountains developed as I learned to have fun while doing sport.

First steps

When I was 13, I joined the Ski Mountaineering Technical Centre (CTEMC) and there I began to train and participate in competitions in a more serious and organised way. At 17, after graduating from high school, I decided to move to Font Romeu in the French Cerdanya to study STAPS (the diploma to become a PE Instructor) so that I could train and study at the same time.

Thanks to the people in the ski mountaineering world, I discovered mountain racing, a way to train during the summer and maintain the rhythm of competing. And in this way, I began to move into that world as well.

Kilian's Quest and Run or Die

In 2009 I began the challenges of Kilian's Quest, which would lead me to face four years of challenges in long-distance races and so to discover new perceptions. We broke records in Kilimanjaro, in the GR20 in Corsica, in the Tahoe Rim Trail or in the Transpirinenc, among others.

I have since then compited all around the world and these competitions were also what inspired me to write the book Run or Die in 2011.

2012, Summits of My Life

In 2012, however, I decided to embark on a new personal adventure with the project Summits of My Life,focusing more on the world of mountaineering, but centred on my values ​​and my way of living mountains. This, and other experiences from recent years, inspired my second book, The Invisible Border.


I am currently a professional athlete and compete in ski mountaineering in the winter and in mountain races in the summer. I like versatility and so I enjoy participating in all types of races whether short or long, skiing or trail running.

Doing this type of activities has made it possible for me to meet extraordinary people, to discover and enjoy stunning scenery and to experience moments of great emotion, helping to make me the athlete and the person I am today.


Today, my main objective remains the same. I want to spend time in the mountains, competing, with friends or alone, in search of versatility rather than excellence, whether skiing or running, and always in a light, dynamic way.

Relevant career and trophees


2014- Skyrunning World Champion

2014- Vertical Kilometer World Champion

2008, 2011, 2013 –Skyrunning, Ultra and Vertical Kilometer European Champion

2008 - Winner SkyRace and Combined in the SkyGames

World Cup

2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014 - Skyrunning World Cup Champion

2012, 2013, 2014 - Ultra Running World Cup Champion

2014 - Vertical Kilometer World Champion

Important races

3 x - Winner Vertical Kilometer Fully

4 x - Winner Climbathon

2 x -  Winner and recormdan Hardrock 100

2 x - Winner Grand Raid Reunion

4 x - Winner Sierre Zinal

3 x - Winner Ultra Trail Mont Blanc

3 x - Winner KIMA

5 x - Winner Giir Di Mont

7 x - Winner Zegama Aitzgorri

4 x - Winner Dolomites Skyrace

3 x - Winner Mont Blanc Marathon

Winner of 35 World Cup events

2014- FKT Aconcagua (12h49' Summits of My Life project)

2014- FKT Denali (11h48', Summits of My Life project)

2013 FKT Matterhorn (2h52min, Summits of My Life project)

2013 FKT Chamonix - Mont Blanc (4h57min, Summits of My Life project)

2012 - FKT Courmayeur-Chamonix via Innominata (8h42min, Summits of My Life project)

2011 - FKT Mount Olympus (5h19 ')

2010 - FKT Kilimanjaro (5h22min-7h14min)

2009 - FKT Tahoe Rim Trail (38h32min)

2009 - FKT GR 20 - Corsica (32h54min)


European and World Championships


2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 - Vertical Race World Champion

2011 - Combined World Champion 

2011, 2015 - Individual World Champion

2009, 2012 - Vertical Race European Champion

2012 Combined European Champion  


World Cup

2010, 2011, 2012, 2016 - Winner of individual World Cup

2016 - Winner of Vertical Race World Cup

Winner of several races of the World Cup


Important Races

4x Winner Pierra Menta

2011 - Winner Mezzalama

2012 - Winner Patrouille Des Glaciers

2 x Winner Mountain Attack

5 x Spanish Champion Individual and Vertical Race

24 podiums in the Ski Mountaineering World Cup


Extreme skiing


Chardonnet - Epron Migot. 1st descent Vivian Bruchez

Chardonnet - Col Trident 1st descent with Vivian Bruchez

Chardonnet - Vire de Lunne, 1st descent with Vivian Bruchez

Pointe Kurtz - Couloir W, 1st descent with Vivian Bruchez

Chardonnet - Couloir Sud

Aiguille de Midi - Mallory, Cosmiques, Rond, Rachon

Tour Ronde - Face N, Gervasutti, Arete E, Brenva

Mont Blanc du Tacul - Gervasutti, Contamine-Negri, SW Aiguille du Diable, Macho, Chere

Mont Maudit - Arete Kuffner, Face N-W

Blanche Peuterey - Col N

Bionnasay - Face N, Couloir face W

Dome du Gouter - Epron SE, Couloir N

Les Courtes - Voie des deux Gavarrou, NNE

Aiguille Verte - Couturier, Whymper

Aiguille Argentière - Couloir Y, Barbey

Pointe Yield - Face N

Dome de Miage - Face N

Dome de Sache - Face N

Traversée des Aravis

Traversée du Mont Blanc


Guhkesgáisi - Face N (1st desdent)

Rornastinden -  Couloir N (1st descent)

Store Lakselvtinden -W ridge couloir

Store Kjostinden - Face S

Stortinden Garjegaisi - N couloir

Festningen - Face S

Trollvasstinden - S face couloir

Nonstind Kvaloya

Bellagasi - Face N


Denali - West Rib, Orient Express, Rescue Gully


Sishapangma - S face from 7500m

Naya Kanga - N couloir

Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic 2014

Best year's Sports Achievement, Mundo Deportivo gala 2014

"Marca Leyenda" Award 2014

Silver Medal of the Real Orden del Mérito Deportivo 2013

Champion of Champions L'Équipe December 2012

Track record
Ski Mountaineering

Winner Individual World Cup

Winner Vertical Race World Cup

Individual European runner-up



  • 1st Font Blanca, vertical race (World Cup)
  • 1st Font Blanca, individual race (World Cup)
  • 1st Valtellina Orobie,  individual race (World Cup)
  • 2nd Alpiniski - Individual European Championship
  • 1st Alpiniski, vertical race (World Cup)
  • 1st Transcavallo,  individual race (World Cup)
  • 1st Altitoy (teaming up with Mathéo Jacquemoud)
  • 1st Pierra Menta (teaming up with Mathéo Jacquemoud)
  • 1st Mondolé Ski Alp, individual (Word Cup)
  • 1st Mondolé Ski Alp, vertical race (Word Cup)
Trail Running


  • 1st Zegama Aizkorri (Basque Country, 42km)
  • 1st Hardrock (USA, 160km)
  • 4th KV Fully (Switzerland)
Ski Mountaineering

Vertical Race World Champion

Individual Ski Mountaineering World Champion



  • 1st Ecrins, vertical race (World Cup)
  • 1st Font Blanca, vertical race (World Cup)
  • 1st Font Blanca, individual race (World Cup)
  • 1st Ski Mountaineering World Championship, vertical race 
  • 1st  Ski Mountaineering World Championship, individual race
  • 2nd Trofeo Marmotta, individual race (World Cup)
  • 2nd Mondolé Ski Alp, vertical race (World Cup)
  • 4st Mondolé Ski Alp, individual race (World Cup)
  • 6th Adamello Ski Raid (teaming up with Lorenzo Holzknecht)
Trail Running






  • 23rd Zegama Aizkorri (Basque Country)
  • 1st Mount Marathon (Alaska)
  • 1st Hardrock (USA, 160km)
  • 1st Sierre Zinal (Switzerland, 31km)
  • 9th Skaala Uphill (Norway)
  • 1st Ultra Pirineu
Ski Mountaineering

Runner-up Ski Mountaineering World Cup






  • 1st Verbier, individual race (World Cup)
  • 3rd Verbier, vertical race (World Cup)
  • 16th Courchevel, vertical race (World Cup)
  • 1st Pitturina, individual race (World Cup)
  • 1st Diablerets, individual race (World Cup)
  • 1st Diablerets, vertical race (World Cup)
  • 4th Artic Race, individual race (World Cup)
Trail Running

World Champion (Sky Running, Vertical Kilometer)

Sky Running World Cup Champion

Ultra Running World Cup Champion

Vertical Kilometer World Cup Champion



  • 2nd Transvulcania (Canary Islands, 87km)
  • 2nd Vertical Kilometer Transvulcania (Canary Islands)
  • 1st Zegama Aitzgorri (Basque Country, 42km)
  • 1st Marathon du Mont Blanc (France, 42km)
  • 1st Vertical Kilometer Chamonix (France)
  • 1st Hardrock (USA, 160km)
  • 1st Dolomites Skyrace (Italy, 22km)
  • 8th Vertical Kilometer (Italy)
  • 1st Giir di Mont (Itàlia, 32km)
  • 1st Sierre Zinal (Switzerland, 31km)
  • 1st Trofeo Kima (Italy, 50km)
  • 1st Tromsö Skyrace (Norway, 42km)
  • 1st The Rut (USA, 50km)
  • 2nd Limone Extreme (Italy, 23km)
  • 1st Vertical Kilometer Limone (Italy)
Trail Running

Sky Running World Cup Champion

Ultra Running World Cup Champion

Triple European Champion (Sky Running, Ultra Running, Vertical Kilometre)


  • 1st Transvulcania (Canary Islands, 87km)
  • 1st Zegama Aitzgorri (Basque Country, 42km)
  • 1st Marathon du Mont Blanc (France, 42km)
  • 1st Ice Trail Tarentaise (France, 65km)
  • 1 KV Dolomiti (Italy, 2,2 km Vertical Kilometre European Championship)
  • 1st Dolomiti Skyrave (Italy, 22km, Skyrunning European Championship)
  • 1st Trans d’Havet (Italy, 80km, Ultra Trail European Championship)
  • 1st Matterhorn Ultraks(Switzerland, 42km)
  • 4th UROC (United States, 100km)
  • 1st Limone Extreme (Italy, 23.5 km)
  • 21st Grand Raid Réunion (Reunion Island, 170km)
Ski Mountaineering

Gold Medal Vertical Race - Pelvoux Ski Mountaineering World Cup

Bronze Medal Individual Race - Pelvoux Ski Mountaineering World Cup



  • 1st Alpiniski (World Cup)
  • 1st and 3rd Ahrtal (World Cup)
  • 2nd Mezzalama (with Mathéo Jacquemoud and William Bon Mardion)
  • World Cup Pelvoux (Vertical Race, Individual, Relay and Team)
Trail Running

Sky Running World Cup Champion

Ultra Running World Cup Champion



  • 1st Becca di Nona (Italy, 30km)
  • 1st Dolomites Skyrace (Italy, 22km)
  • 1st Grand Raid Réunion (Reunion Island, 170km)
  • 1st Trofeo Kima (Italy, 50km)
  • 1st Kinabalu (Malaysia, 23km)
  • 1st Marathon du Mont Blanc (France, 42km)
  • 1st Pikes Peak Marathon (USA, 42km)
  • 1st Speedgoat (USA, 50km)
  • 3rd Transvulcania (Canary Islands, 87km)
  • 1st Zegama Aitzgorri (Basque Country, 42km)
  •  1st Cavalls del Vent (Catalonia, 82km)
Ski Mountaineering

Champion of Spain

Second place in European Individual Race

European Champion Vertical Race


  • European Championships (Vertical Race, Individual, Relays and Teams)
  • 1st Boï (Spanish Championship)
  • 1st Cronoespot (Spanish Championship)
  • 1st Crononiu (Spanish Championship)
  • 1st Vertical Race Etna Trophy and second in the Individual Race Etna Trophy (World Cup)
  • 1st Vertical Race Pyramide (World Cup)
  • 2nd Marmotta (World Cup)
  • 1st Font Blanca (World Cup)
  • 13th Arctic Race (World Cup)
  • 1st Mountain Attack
  • 1st Tour du Rutor (with Mathéo Jacquemoud)
  • 1st Patrouille Des Glaciers (with Mathéo Jacquemoud and  William Bon Mardion)
  • 7th Pierra Menta (with Marc Pinsach)
  • 1st Patrouille de la Maya (with Alexis Sevennec and Valentin Favre)
Trail Running

Skyrunning European Champion



  • 1st Giir di Monte (Italy, 42km)
  • 1st Mount Kinabalu (Malaysia, 23km)
  • 1st TNF 100K Australia (Australia, 100km)
  • 3rd Sierre Zinal (Switzerland, 31km)
  • 1st Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (France, 170km)
  • 1st Western States (USA, 100km)
  • 1st Zegama Aizkorri (Basque Country, 42km)
  • 1st Table Mountain Challenge (South Africa, 37km)
Ski Mountaineering

Triple World Champion (Vertical Race, Individual, Sprint)

World Cup Winner


  • 1st PierraMenta (with Didier Blanc)
  • 1st Mezzalama (with Didier Blanc and William Bon Mardion)
  • 1st Pelvoux (World Cup)
  • 1st Transcavallo (World Cup)
  • 1st Marmotta (World Cup)
  • 5th Zakopane (World Cup)
Ski Mountaineering

World Cup Champion

Gold Medal Vertical Race World Championships

Silver Medal Individual Race World Championships

Triple Champion of Spain (Vertical Race, Team and Individual)


  • 1st Formigal Individual Race (Spanish Championship)
  • 1st Sierra Nevada Vertical Race (Spanish Championship)
  • 1st Núria Team Race (Spanish Championship)
  • 1st Trofeo dell Etna (World Cup)
  • 1st Pila (World Cup)
  • 2nd Trans Clautana (World Cup)
  • 7th Gastlosen (World Cup)
  • 2nd Grand Béal (World Cup)
  • 12th Dolomiti di Brenta (World Cup)
  • 4th Patrouille Des Glaciers (with Marc Pinsach)
  • 1st Pierra Menta (with Florent Troillet)
Trail Running

Sky Running World Cup Champion

Ultra Running World Champion




  • 1st Grand Raid Réunion (Reunion Island, 170km)
  • 1st Zegama Aitzgorri (Basque Country, 42km)
  • 1st Giir di Monte (Italy, 42km)
  • 1st Sierre Zinal (Switzerland, 31km)
  • 1st Troffeo Kima (Italy, 50km)
  • 1st Olla de Núria (Catalonia)
  • 3rd Western States (USA, 100km)
  • 1st K42 Argentina (Argentina, 42km)
Trail Running

Sky Running World Cup Champion




  • 1st Kinabalu (Malaysia, 23km)
  • 1st Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (France, 170km)
  • 5th Valmalenco Valpochiavo (Italy, 31km)
  • 1st Andorra Skyrace(Andorra, 36km)
  • 1st Olla de Núria (Catalonia)
  • 1st Giir di Monte (Italy, 42km)
  • 1st Sierre Zinal (Switzerland, 31km)
Ski Mountaineering

Individual World Cup Champion

Champion of Spain

European Champion Vertical Race


  • 1st Civetta Ski Raid (World Cup)
  • 5th Valtellina Orobie (World Cup)
  • 4th Pyramide d’Oz (World Cup)
  •  2nd Font Blanca (World Cup)
  • 1st Alpago Crono Climb (European Championship)
  • 2nd Alpago Relay (European Championship)
Trail Running

Skyrunning World Cup Champion

Skyrunning European Champion

Skyrunning and Combined World Champion


  • 1st Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (France, 170km)
  • 1st Sentiero delle Grigne(Italy, 43km)
  • 1st Andorra Skyrace (Andorra, 36km)
  • 1st ZegamaAitzgorri (Basque Country, 42km)
  • 1st Giir di Mont (Italy, 42km)
  • 1st Dolomiti Skyrace (Italy, 22km)
  • 2nd Kilòmetre Vertical la Fully (France)
Ski Mountaineering

Individual World Champion

Vertical Race World Champion

Espoir World Champion


  • Bronze long distance (World Cup Ski Mountaineering)
  • Bronze relay (World Cup Ski Mountaineering)
  • 4th Vertical Race (World Cup Ski Mountaineering)
  • 4th team race (World Cup Ski Mountaineering)
  • 16th individual race (World Cup Ski Mountaineering)
  • 1st Pierra Menta (with Florent Troillet)
  • 3rd overall position World Cup
Trail Running

Skyrunning World Champion


  • 1st Sentiero delle Grigne (Italy, 43km)
  • 1st Mount Kinabalu (Malaysia, 23km)
  • 1st Zegama Aizkorri (Basque Country, 42km)
  • 1st Cuita al Sol (Catalonia, 5.4 km)
  • 1st Andorra Skyrace (Andorra, 36km)
  • 1st Ontake Skyrace (Japan, 37km)
  • 1st Vertical Km la Fully
  • 1stVertical Km Canillo-Grand Valira
  • 1st Vertical Race Grand Valira
Ski Mountaineering

Grindelwald European Cup Winner

European Junior Champion (Individual, Relay and Vertical Race)