6 February 2018

Kilian Jornet returns to competition three months after shoulder operation

Next weekend Kilian Jornet will return to competitive mountain skiing three months after undergoing a shoulder operation. It will be the fourth event in the World Cup and will be held at Saint Vincent (France) where skiers will compete in the individual event and the vertical kilometre.   

Jornet underwent the surgical procedure in order to repair various shoulder injuries that he’d acquired over the years. The athlete commented that “when I started skiing again a month ago I could see that I had more strength and mobility”, adding that “the recovery has been quicker than expected and I’m confident that I’m strong enough to compete, though I have to be cautious”.

Kilian’s primary objective is to take part in some competitions to test his form and then to focus on the races in La Grande Course in March and April. "Pierra Menta and the Tour du Rutor are both classic races with fantastic courses and atmosphere and Altitoy is one of the most beautiful in the Pyrenees”, he said.  

These first events will help Jornet to clarify his goals for the season which he will announce in the coming weeks.