Watching olympics, waiting for skimo

13 febrer 2014
Watching olympics, waiting for skimo

1948 was the last year that ski mountaineering was on Olympics. Since then it’s a long way to try to come back.

This days I’m looking to TV (yes, probably the last time I watch a TV it was 4 years ago) I’m vibrating with the spectacle of hard fights between men’s and women’s who was training 4 years for that. I’m suffering for the falls and crash that makes tears to athletes to need to wait 4 more years for his goals. I’m thrilled of the joy when a friend cross the finish line happy, to win, to make a good position or just to be there.

I was stuck in the TV looking for Martin Fourcade reaching his gold, also for Kevin Esteve, Laure Soulié and Marc Oliveras to saw friends there. And impressed by Ole Bjorndalen, who reach at 40 years old the number of medals of my children idol, Bjorn Daehlie.

But is something that hides a bit this joy. Since I start ski mountaineering, in 2002 I has been seeing the fight from the ISMF  to became an Olympic sport again. I don’t mind to came to a Olympic games or have the possibility to fight for a medal, but this sport, deserves a place in between all the other Olympics sports. All the requirements of the IOC are done from long time, skimo is the most complete sport I had ever seen, Endurance for keeping a 1h30 - 2h race,  anaerobic to keep pushing in steep uphills or in Vertical races. Strength for the sprints, downhill technique, adaptation to the different snows, Athletes need to be light and fast for the uphill’s and have a downhill technique and power for the downhills. Skimo shares incredible images, more that just the fight between athletes (like here: ) is also a way to see and show our amazing landscapes and the deepest nature ( like here: ) …Why is not Olympic yet? Maybe because all the athletes and federations we was thinking more about building a sport with the values all we have (fair play, clean, respect to the environment, friendship, sharing with spectators…) than doing politics.

I wish I will see one day skimo in the Olympics, because a lot of generations was waiting for that, because the medals that merited Brosse, Gignoux, Elmer, Troillet Giacomelli, Meraldi or Greco can be on the neck of Cardona, Nicolini, Palzer, Antonioli....

Maybe in 2018?

26 February 2014

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