Giir di mont

29 juliol 2011
After his victory in the Western States 100 on June 25th, Catalan athlete Kilian Jornet returns this Sunday, July 31st, to the competition, running the Giir Di Mont, a 32-Km-race which starts off in Premana (Italy).

Jornet says ??Giir di Mont is a special race. It??s not extremely technical, since one can run the whole length of the race, but it does have tough slopes, 3 really hard ones upwards and 3 downwards. The big challenges in this race are both the high level of the participants, which is always the case, and the fact that the three upward slopes come one after the other and require extra strength. In this sense, the specific training I??ve been doing has been on mountains, running up short upward slopes of 1000 meters and immediately running down other slopes??.

With regard to the atmosphere and the feelings in the race, Killan said that ??It??s a really special race. This race and Zegama are definitely the races with most atmosphere in the world. This race takes place in the Alpages, little mountain villages, where the atmosphere pushes you forward to help you to run faster.??

After his victory in the WS 100, Kilian has enjoyed a few race-free weeks so as to prepare an important part of the season. ??After a start of the season full of races, I needed some time to undertake a sound training period and, in the last two weeks, I have been able to do some quality and quantity work, which has meant over 34 hours and 18,000 meters of slopes per week, combining long sessions, some of which were very intense.??

??I think I am very well prepared for future races and have a good feeling after the vertical kilometers I have run in my training?? alleges Kilian with regard to his preparation for a key period in the season where, apart from Giir di Mont, he will take part in Sierre Zinal on August 14th and UTMB on August 26th.
03 August 2011

Kilian jornet wins giir di mont